🐂 What Is Oxen?

Build World-Class AI Datasets. Together.

Track, iterate, collaborate on, & discover data in any format. Blazing Fast. Easy-to-Learn. Open-Source.

<aside> ⭐ Oxen’s North Star: that artificial intelligence should benefit all and that anyone can add value to it.


Oxen builds both Oxen CLI, the fastest open-source tool for machine learning dataset version control and collaboration (700+ ⭐️ on GitHub) as well as Oxen Hub, a whole team collaboration Saas platform built from the ground up to make all of your ML dataset workflows cleaner, simpler, faster and more accessible. Our long term goal is to empower anyone, weekend hacker or Fortune 500 company, to contribute to general artificial intelligence in their own way. We do this by building the largest open data platform for machine learning data, starting with images, text, audio, and video

<aside> 🗣 High level enough that anyone can contribute, has the low level building blocks that AI engineers can work with


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👥 About Us

Our team is both fun and nerdy. We’ve got experience building in places like Alchemy API, IBM Watson, Skylark, and more.